Volunteer Reflections

“I never expected my heart to burst open the way that it did.  Global Learning changed my life.  The first GL program, and every one since, has redefined what I think about friendship, teamwork, education, and family.” - Jana Kiser, Global Learning Executive Director

NIC_8“The teaching experience was wonderful.  I loved how small our groups were, I loved when students remembered GL from years past or weeks past, and I loved breaking through to a scarred or uninterested child, and managing to engage him in our lessons.” - Samira Vachani, GL volunteer in Nicaragua and Costa Rica 2006

“This teaching experience has given me so many tools—not only within the classroom, but also as a leader within my community. I know that if I could do this, I could do anything I set my mind to.”  (Quote from a Volunteer’s Program Evaluation 2008)

“I’ve learned that people don’t have to be blood to be like your family.” – Caitlin McGraw, GL Volunteer in Costa Rica 2006, Mexico 2006, and Nicaragua 2007

M_42“This program has opened my eyes to so much about the world and about myself. With this opportunity to work in a community different from my own and with people from diverse backgrounds, I’ve been able not only to witness, but also to experience, people crossing frontiers of all kinds for a common goal. It’s been a test of personal courage, but at the same time it’s inspired me to go out there and be someone who makes a difference and touches lives.”  - Barb Fiedler, GL Volunteer in Costa Rica 2008

“In the last five years, GL has converted me into a person with goals and dreams who has bettered the education in my community.”  - Penelope Iglesias, GL Volunteer and Coordinator in Nicaragua 2004 – 2008

“My best GL memories come from the classrooms.  I love the small group settings because it really encourages kids to get involved with their own education.”   - Megan Briggs, GL volunteer in Nicaragua 2006 and Mexico 2007

emily_with_book“Learning about student-centered education and all the GL teaching tools has been extremely helpful to me.  I’ve always loved working with kids, and I taught a little bit before GL, but now I feel much more confident in myself and comfortable in the classroom…I’ve learned so much about having faith in the intelligence of kids and having them learn for themselves rather than having information and answers fed to them.” - Elena Betts, GL Volunteer in Costa Rica 2007 and 2008

“Global Learning has made a big change in my life because it has taught me how to make lifelong friends and have a second family, while making me be a more independent person, mature and responsible for my actions.  The best part is that I learned how to have love for humanity.”  - Yurieth Ramirez, GL Volunteer in Costa Rica 2008

“More than anything else, GL has helped me know myself, better my defects, and improve my abilities on a team.  Working in the classroom is a unique experience that has filled me.” - Valeria Correa, GL Volunteer in Nicaragua 2008


“I learned about life, I learned about people, I learned about myself.  I learned to find peace in every moment knowing that things will always work out, the surprise is just how.  I learned the importance of gratitude.  I learned that there’s no dream too big and that when people with passion organize, things get done.”  - Jessica Anderson, GL Volunteer inCosta Rica 2008

“My experience with Global Learning has changed the way I view the world, and it has also changed the way I view myself.  These two things were goals of mine, but before the program, I couldn’t imagine something that would be challenging and stimulating enough to stretch my mind and perspective so much.” - Crystal Leveillee, GL Volunteer in Nicaragua 2002

“With Global Learning, I learned to be more human. Each day I learned something new that marked my life and made me a better person.”  - Roberto Vargas Sanchez, GL Volunteer and Coordinator in Costa Rica 2003 – 2008

“This real world experience is so much more than any class on education and the training we received was excellent…learning about student-centered education (and actually putting it into practice) has started a change in the way I think about what “good” education is.”  - Nan McGarry in Costa Rica 2008

“I learned that there are a lot of good people in this world and borders do not matter, I learned how important humility is, that there are many forms of love, work, and service. I learned that the possibilities of education and reform are endless.” - Sarah Walsh, GL Volunteer in Costa Rica 2000


“This is a “labor of love.” If you want to work hard and put yourself aside for the benefit of others, then this is the best opportunity….This is a well conceptualized program with equally compelling methodology.” - René Loraine, GL volunteer in Nicaragua 2006

“Of course, I would do the program again, knowing what I know now – each second, each day, each program is a new and unforgettable experience that develops my personality, wisdom, understanding, and maturity.” (Quote from a Volunteer’s Program Evaluation)

“GL Experience: 100 on a scale of 1 to 10. Incomparable.” - Claire Rodriguez, GL Volunteer in Nicaragua 2002