The Global Learning Team

Global Learning volunteers are diverse international leaders.

CR_92At least 50% of Global Learning volunteers are from the organization’s host communities in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Mexico. Global Learning volunteers from the broader international community represent more than 24 countries including El Salvador, Malaysia, Iran, Romania, Taiwan, Puerto Rico, Ireland, Belarus, Japan, Montenegro, Ecuador, India, Germany, and Zimbabwe. More than 70% of Global Learning volunteers are people of color. GL volunteers are diverse in age, religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, culture, and socio-economic background. Teachers, college students, graduate students, parents, doctors, scientists, and other professional adults volunteer on Global Learning teams. Our university student volunteers, many of whom are the first in their families to attend college, represent more than 40 universities worldwide. See a list of volunteers home countries and universities.

Who started Global Learning?

Meet Jana Kiser, Global Learning’s inspiring founder and president of the board of directors.

Who are the participants in Global Leaders?

Meet the young leaders in Global Learning’s professional development program who guide the organization’s School Enrichment Programs.

Who is on Global Learning’s board of directors?

Meet the board members who support and advise Global Learning.