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There are numerous ways to contribute to our mission of educating for peace and justice, whether it be volunteering or donating to our cause.
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NIC_13Selected Global Learning volunteers are very diverse in personality, age, culture, education, leadership style, life experience, gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, and socio- economic class. This being said, there are some traits common to most Global Learning volunteers. For instance, volunteers working on Global Learning School Enrichment Programs: Leading, Learning, and Breaking Barriers speak at least intermediate Spanish, value children, and try to learn with open minds. Other common traits include maturity, professionalism, humility, flexibility, a strong work ethic, and a healthy sense of humor. Experienced Global Learning volunteers, support people, and coordinators are on volunteer team selection committees, which usually consist of four to five people. When selecting volunteers, the committees do not look for applicants to fit into a certain mold, but instead aim to create balanced teams of individuals who complement one another’s strengths and challenges.


163_3_We depend on these donations because our impact far exceeds our financial resources. Financial contributions are used to buy classroom materials, support teams on-site, and ensure that we can continue to provide life changing opportunities for under-served schoolchildren and diverse volunteers from around the world. Contributions of any size are greatly appreciated. Visit our donation page for more info and check out our volunteers that are fundraising!