Global Learning Programs

sweet_girl_face_shotCurrently in our 16th year of operation, Global Learning (GL) is an international not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating for peace and justice. Global Learning helps diverse individuals from around the world connect across barriers of socioeconomic class, race, ethnicity, nationality, age, religion, and gender. This facilitation of multicultural friendship, cooperation, and understanding is a valuable form of peace building. Global Learning contributes to justice by using the transformative power of education to alleviate poverty. Global Learning works to close the gap between schooling in rich and poor communities to ensure high quality education for all. Volunteers, parents, teachers, and children become proactive world citizens in Global Learning programs.

School Enrichment Programs: Leading, Learning and Breaking Barriers

Since 1998, approximately 600 volunteers from more than 24 countries have served on multicultural teaching teams in GL’s School Enrichment Programs in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Mexico and the United States. The goals of the School Enrichment Programs are to introduce empowering, student-centered, and democratic teaching methods into economically poor schools; inspire students with positive role models from their local and international communities; teach relevant, hands-on, and minds-on multidisciplinary lessons that build global skills and expand students’ learning resources; and facilitate multicultural friendship and understanding across borders. Volunteers teach and learn with more than 3000 elementary and high school students annually in Global Learning School Enrichment Programs.

Global Leaders

Global Leaders is a leadership and professional development program for college-age volunteers who are dedicated to educating for peace and justice. The goal of Global Leaders is to nurture and develop exceptional leaders from diverse backgrounds through mentoring, training, reflection, and direct action. Global Leaders participants grow exponentially as they engage in nonprofit management, education, and community development with Global Learning.

After-School Learning Initiatives

After-School Learning Initiatives are spearheaded and guided by Global Learning volunteers from the communities that host GL programs in Central America, particularly those involved in Global Leaders. In other words, they are projects created, organized, and led by local volunteers. These projects complement the goals of the School Enrichment Programs, and expand Global Learning’s reach by providing students year-round contact with role models from universities in their own communities.