Global Leaders Program

168_2_Global Leaders is Global Learning’s professional development program for young leaders who are dedicated to educating for peace and justice. The goal of the program is to nurture and develop exceptional leaders from diverse backgrounds through mentoring, training, reflection, and work experience.

Carefully selected college-age volunteers from Costa Rica, Nicaragua and the United States are participating in the 2012-2013 Global Leaders program. Global Learning has empowered these individuals with the extraordinary responsibility of preparing and leading the organization’s flagship School Enrichment Programs (SEPs) in Central America which serve more than three thousand children annually. Additionally, Global Leaders from the organization’s host communities in Costa Rica and Nicaragua are spearheading and guiding new year-round education and community development projects in their own neighborhoods that complement and expand the School Enrichment Programs.

Mentored and supported by a network of experienced Global Learning staff, the Global Leaders collaborate across borders as an international team. Over the course of a year, Global Learning provides professional trainings with topics ranging from nonprofit accounting to community organizing to curricula design.